Parent Information

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please keep your children's personal toys at home.  Children should only come with certain items if they are being presented for 'Show and Tell'.  It makes it very hard in the classroom to keep these separate from our own supplies, and properly send their toys back with them home. 

Parent Handbook
Our Parent Handbook is provided so that you may understand the school’s policies and guiding principles. We welcome you in discussing goals and objectives for your child and your participation and cooperation in attaining those goals.  We want you to be part of our busy, happy, noisy, creative classrooms, and see your child at work and play. We believe that parents working together with teachers are a positive and productive way to enhance your child’s success

The following are all the forms we have parents review and sign, many are renewed annually:

Blue Card -- NYS Office of Children and Family Services -- Day Care Registration

Registration Form -- Every student at Little Harvard is required to have this filled out when applying to Little Harvard.

Sick Policy -- By the regulations of Office of Family and Child Services and the Board of Education all schools are rquired to have a sick child policy.

Medical Forms -- NYS Office of Children and Family Services.  This is our medical form that we ask all parents to have one each on every child.  This is an annual requirement, which we need in your child's file.

Written Medical Consent Form -- NYS Office of Children and Family Services. This is our written medical consent form that we ask all parents to filled out when prescriptions need to be dispensed to your child by us.

CACFP Income Eligibility Application -- Since we offer a food program here, we are required to have all parents filled this form out.

CACFP Participant Data Form -- CACFP regulations require that each center annually collect information on the race and ethnicity of the childre in care.  This information is kept in confidence.

Dental Hygiene Information -- Our preschool, nursery school and kindergarten enrichment programs are voluntarily registered with the New York State Education Department.  As part of that registration, we need to provide the State Education Department with certain information, including information that pertains to your child’s last dental check-up. 

Health Insurance Coverage Form -- Under the NAEYC Accreditation Criteria for Health Standards all children's health records on file at Little Harvard need to include current information about any health insurance coverage rquired for treatment in an emergency.

Food Program -- Our food program is offerred out to all our families. 


Sunscreen Form -- We just need parents permission to apply sunscreen on their children. 

All About Me -- A form we request to start getting to know your child.